Monday, February 18, 2013

GoPro Kelp and Sealife Detector

Bottom view at 8 kts looking forward from the stern. Hitchhiking kelp on the rudder.
Tom here...Hola from Cinnabar on the high seas, 150 nm S of Ensenada Mexico.

On the passage to Cabo, I stuck the GoPro Hero3 action camera (thanks Tim G!) in the water at the stern of the boat whilst sailing along at 9 kts. I was hoping to see some dorado or tuna shadowing us underneath. Did not see any fish, but there was lots of other stuff to see! See picture. From L to R, we have the engine exhaust cowling making some air bubbles (drag! should've cut it off!). Next is the bulb keel, far forward, showing our slight heel to port. Then we have the shaft and Max Prop, nicely feathered. Next is the slim rudder, looking all sleek, except for....What the ??....kelp, yes KELP! No wonder our speed was down by half a knot! Later on we slowed the boat down to let the kelp drop off. Finally, to the far right, we have a small breaking swell (roiling white water). The seawater, about 300' deep and 60 deg F, looks very turquoise, clear, and inviting. Well, besides the slippery new bottom paint, that completes the tour of CINNABAR's undercarriage for today.

Not sure why, but viewing the undersides of the boat while underway is intriguing. It would be deluxe to have a constant real-time cam/display always available (with auto 'critter' detection notice!). Will consider adding this to the list of Gucci accessories for the ship.

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