Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Check Out That Red Boat!!

The good news is that we are feeling a lot better and the boat looks absolutely fabulous! The bad news is that we've been horribly sick and the Forty Niners lost. Gah!!!

Even though Tom and I were very careful to avoid shaking hands, getting too close to people, and took our antiseptic gel with us everywhere, we managed to contract the dreadful cold and/or flu that seems to have afflicted everyone at the boatyard. So we've been kind of out of it for the past couple of weeks. I even got a hotel room for a couple of days so I could be alone, drink lots of water, access the bathroom without having to climb down a ladder, and watch soccer, Fernando Colunga's new telenovela, and Mexican Iron Chef 24/7. Just what the doctor ordered.

Apparently we are the poster child for a beautiful paint job, and rightly so. The guys did an amazing job. After the first coat of red they carefully sanded and prepped for the second round.

Jorge mixes the paint
Four guys got started early in the morning, uh...6:00 a.m., before the wind came up and they were done before noon.

After the Second Coat

After a day or so of drying they masked the boat off for the gold accents. These guys are true artists and did a perfect job of masking and painting.

After the boat was done everybody was impressed that Cinnabar sports the Forty-Niner colors. Funny, we never noticed before.

More pictures of the painting job here.

Even though I was ill I managed to celebrate Australia Day with our neighbors Ashley, Kathy and Maggie and friends. (Poor Tom was too sick.) We had beer, vegemite, lots of delicious meaty things, and lambingtons. I loved it. We reciprocated by treating them to an All-American Super Bowl party at La Taberna Sports Bar. Our new friend Claire from Ville de Valle organic garden joined us and except for the fact that WE LOST, we had a great time.

A couple of days ago Tom and I were finally feeling well enough for a mini excursion so we caught the local bus up the road to the deluxe Hotel Coral and Marina to see if we might want to go there after we get out of the boatyard.

Marina Coral
It's probably too shallow for us but it's a beautiful marina, and if you stay there you have full access to the hotel grounds, pool, spa, etc. Very tempting. They gave us complimentary drink tickets and we enjoyed some of the best Margaritas we've ever had.

Best Margaritas ever!

Things seem to be winding down here (hopefully) so we are super busy getting our bottom job, scheduling our splash, watching the weather and preparing our departure. We are very keen to get back onto the ocean and head south to warmer weather. Lots of stuff happening. More later...


  1. Poor Sylvia and Tom. So sorry y'all were sick and hope you are all better now.
    The boat looks fantastic! Did you know in advance that your paint crew would be such artists?

    Sorry your team lost "The Big Game" as they say on the food ads. Mike and I watched the game (four states away from each other - I was on a girls' road trip to Florida) but we didn't have a dog in that fight. Good game, though.

  2. No more dog dick pink! The boat looks fantastic.

    Hope you guys are feeling better.

    Miss you lots and lots!


  3. Does look awesome, one day I would like to hear the details on the paint job. Happy to see you are finding out how to recover from sickness..tequila is the name of the med best suited to the conditions