Friday, February 15, 2013

Carnaval, Name On, We Splash, We're Outta Here

We wanted to do some sort of Ensenada retrospective but of course we are busily getting ready to set sail early tomorrow and have run out of time. So here is a quick mashup of the past week:

Carnaval - well there's nothing quite like being right in the friggin' middle of it all. The entire spectacle was right under our noses.

The crowd loved La Catrina
Convenient for watching people and parades, not so great because they had about 20 stages all playing at FULL VOLUME competing with each other until 2:00 a.m. every morning.

The funny thing is that the music always stopped at 2:00 during Carnaval, but for the next two days and nights the cleanup crew played their music full blast 24/7. It was annoying as hell but I found it completely amusing that the cleanup crew had no noise curfew.

Cinnabar got her name applied and I must say Edgar the graphics guy waited until the last minute. Our Project Manager Mario made him show up at 6:00 a.m. the morning we got splashed. Served him right! But the name came out beautifully as you can see.

The big entertainment was that we got to ride aboard Cinnabar while the Travelift carried her out of the boatyard, across the malecon and then over the water. What a trip! But the guys did a super job of handling the lines and then we med-tied to the end of the dock so as not to smudge our brand new paint job. We're incredibly happy with the job that Baja Naval did on Cinnabar. Yay Mario!

We've spent this past week re-visiting our favorite haunts and restaurants. Oh, and we found a great Mexican rum that sells for 69 pesos per liter. That's like, um, $5.75. Yes you heard me right!!

The crew at La Taberna sportsbar
We can understand why so many Americans decide to live in Ensenada. It's very pleasant, there's lots to do, the cuisine is terrific, and if you need a fix of U.S.A. it is a short and scenic drive to San Diego.

Baja Naval - Four thumbs up!
Ensenada - Four thumbs up!

Dinner with Mario and girlfriend Sondra at Wendlandt
Today was warm and perfect and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset as we readied Cinnabar for her journey tomorrow. Our plan is to leave at the crack of dawn. We expect to hit Cabo San Lucas in about four days.

More pictures of Carnaval and our last week HERE.

Proud at last!!

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  1. wow, me hubiera gustado haber gastar tanto tiempo en Ensenada - que realmente tiene el sabor del lugar. Vela Feliz de Cabo San Lucas a partir de Judy y Torben, apenas despertando de una fiesta de cumpleaños en Foxy, Jost Van Dyke!