Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Life in the Tropics - If You Want a Rainbow You Gotta Have Rain

Photo by Katie of s/v PANGAEA

Cinnabar is currently moored in Bora Bora off of the Bloody Mary's Tiki Bar dock. The internet here is not good so we haven't had a chance to post updates. Our friends Kitty and Joe came for a visit and we had a GREAT time. More on that later when we sort through the pictures.

Kitty and Joe were in Bora Bora with us for a few days before they flew home and weather-wise they left just in time. For the past week we've had lots of rain and big winds with some of the rain pouring constantly for over 24 hours! 

Our friends aboard s/v PANGAEA were able to take the above picture of CINNABAR between squalls. I guess you don't get a rainbow unless you have rain. We are all having a good laugh at the tourist brochures that show only sunny, glorious weather in Bora Bora.

All is well aboard the good ship CINNABAR.