Saturday, November 24, 2018

Look Right First - Cinnabar's In New Zealand!

We can't believe it's been exactly one month since our last update. The past month has been super busy and we promise we'll do some more thorough updates soon. Much has happened since we left Beveridge Reef bound for Niue and Tonga.

When we finally made it to Southern Tonga we rendezvoused with our incredible and talented crew who had flown in from California via New Zealand. 

Just off the plane, Judy, Torben, Phil (and Sylvia) enjoying the local Tiki Beer in Tonga.

We were very lucky to recruit sailing friends Judy and Torben (who are currently in the Caribbean cruising their Beneteau TIVOLI) and Phil, Express 27 racer from the SF Bay Area who has sailed several passages with Judy and Torben.

In short, we had a fabulous sail from Nuku Alofa, Tonga to New Zealand. I was a bit worried because my cold-weather sailing shoes and boots had become destroyed in the tropical weather. The soles were either slick-hard or permanently gooey, ick. But our weather window for the journey was so pleasant that we mostly went barefoot and Tevas with socks were more than adequate for the coolest times.

Judy geared up for the cool weather, still barefoot.
Sylvia's ready for early a.m. watch.

After a terrific passage (one which is notorious for being very challenging) including a short stop at Northern Minerva Reef (more about that later) we arrived in Opua, NZ to check into the country.

Cinnabar and crew on the Q (quarantine) dock waiting to get visited by Customs.
After checking in we journeyed south to the town of Whangarei (pronounced Fong-ah-ray) which will be our home base for the time being.

We absolutely love what we've seen of NZ so far and we look forward to exploring more of the country. The hardest thing has been to remember to Look Right First before crossing the street. Look right, THEN look left because here in NZ people drive on the left side of the street. 

The crew (in crew t-shirts) at Cinnabar's new "home" in Whangarei, New Zealand. We made it!!!

Coming up: Niue, Tonga, Passage to NZ, Pictures.


  1. Good looking crew................thanks for a great ride.

  2. Congratulations on a Fast and uneventful passage. Looks like you had an Ace crew, too! Enjoy your new summer in NZ.