Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cinnabar Update


We finally have a decent internet connection after 5 weeks without wi-fi and in between snorkeling, kiting, boat work and socializing I've managed to put together a couple of online photo albums.

Some exciting kiting in Tahanea. Here Ryan from NAOMA jumps the dinghy that Nicole and I are sitting in! Read on...

Album: Nuku Hiva to Tahanea - The pictures of our journey to and 2+ weeks in Tahanea. Lots of pics of green and blue.

After we left the great snorkeling of the north anchorage we headed south so Tom could enjoy the reportedly epic kiting in the SE anchorage. Finally the wind strength and angle were good enough for Tom and Ryan of NAOMA to do some beach launches. We're still waiting for Tom to do a piece on the kiting (in between his numerous boat chores and responsibilities), but for now here are a few pics of the days (incl. 4 days of kiting) we enjoyed in Tahanea, SE anchorage:

Right after anchoring we check out possible launch locations. Beautiful, yes?

Tom's first day of kiting!

Tom and Ryan of kiting in a picture perfect location.

Nicole (NAOMA) and Sylvia on dinghy patrol.

GoPro on kite - Tom at bottom, I'm in the dinghy picking him up, Cinnabar in the background.

Under the heading of better late than never:
Album: Last Days In The Marquesas - Yes, I realize we left Nuku Hiva 5 weeks ago but we did a terrific land tour our last day in Taioha'e. We visited the Taipivai Valley which inspired Herman Melville's book Typee. He actually escaped from a whaling ship in Taioha'e and somehow made his way through the jungle and over the steep mountains to the neighboring valley, supposedly populated by the fierce Taipivai cannibals. Instead he found happy and generous people who nursed him back to health, fed him, and entertained him. 

IMPULSIVE, SCOOTS, and CINNABAR overlooking the Taipivai Valley

Tom inspects a very recent landslide along the narrow, steep road.

This would be our goodbye to Debbie and Morris on IMPULSIVE who would be returning to the Pacific Northwest. And who knew if or when we would see SCOOTS again? It was a fun way to spend time with some of our favorite people.

Morris, Tom and Eric enjoyed their goat curry at Chez Yvonne in Hatiheu Bay.
We toured the island and even though the guys had already hiked to Hatiheu back when we were anchored in Anaho, this was an opportunity for Debbie, Vandy and me to visit, as well as get detailed info from our tour guide about large population of ancient people who once lived there.

I knew once we left Nuku Hiva we would not have access to any kind of store for at least a month so I was lucky to find an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables before leaving Taioha'e. 

I couldn't believe my luck in scoring lettuce, tomatoes, apples and avocados along with the usual cabbage, long beans, pamplemousse and limes.
Finding fresh produce in The Marquesas and The Tuamotus can be challenging, so we are always on the lookout for the opportunity to stock up. But that's remote island living for you.

Cheers, Sylvia
Pakokota, Fakarava

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