Sunday, April 10, 2016

Web Tracker - YOTREPs (Yacht Reports site) and HF Radio Schedule

Thought I posted this to our web page a week ago but maybe it didn't stick?
Trying again!


For tracking Cinnabar to the S. Pacific/Marquesas, this site should be posting our daily position reports and track:

(If that doesn't take you directly to our track, go through the main page and find the 'boat reports' page and look for the link to our track there. N6TJC is my (TC) HAM call sign and how the boats are indexed).

If there is no report showing up, DO NOT WORRY. We are OK and we are enroute.


Cinnabar will likely be on these daily HF radio nets:

PDT / UTC Net Channel

0800 1400 PPJ 8.297 MHz LSB ("8B")

2100 0300 Pac Seafarers 14.300 MHz USB Talk in/Chat

2125 0325 Pac Seafarers 14.300 MHz USB Roll Call

You can even even LISTEN OVER THE WEB to the nightly roll call of boats and net controllers whom are using their HF radios. There's a link to listen live on the web somewhere on one of these web pages:

or here ???

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